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3/4/17 & 3/7/17

Interview with Linda Rose D'Avanzo and Sr. Marie Pappas on Sirius XM 129 Cathokic Radio

Saturday March 4th at 7AM and 6PM; Tuesday at 1 Pm in the afternoon.

Sister will speak with Linda about her book, Preparing for Resurrection, Modern Fables and Parables for Meditation and Transformation!

Call (845)705-8076 or visit Sirius XM on line for more information.

Great Read for Lent! 

Book Release! Preparing for Resurrection! 

Linda Rose D'Avanzo's book of modern fables and parables for meditation and transformation is available on-line now as an e-book or printed edition through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other booksellers!

A great read for lovers of short stories, this book is also packed with motivation and inspiration for individuals and communities who want to enjoy the benefits of personal and spiritual growth.  It's designed to be a great tool for catechists, counselors, and coaches, as well as 12 step programs and other discussion groups.  Whether you are looking to expand your heart and soul, your business potential -- or just enjoy some creative stories at your leisure, this book is for you!  

Preparing for Resurrection is now available world-wide in e-book formats as well as the tradtional hard copy printed version!  Please tell your friends everywhere to check it out on-line!

For hard copy or Kindle please order on .

Also available on Nook or hard copy on .


All Ears Sample Workshop

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Preparing for Resurrection Holy Week and Divine Mercy Presentation

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